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It's all in the mind(set)

Meet Anna, life coach and life-long friend. We asked her to write something for our Space crew to help us deal with all the changes we are experiencing right

now as we adjust to life in lockdown.

She chose to talk to us today about mindset.

Mindset. Noun. the established set of attitudes held by someone.

Feel like your life choices are a bit restricted  right now? You can’t go out. You can’t meet your family, you can’t send your kids to school. Maybe you can’t work, you can’t buy something you want or you can’t get away from it all for a change of scene.

But, you do have one massive choice to make which will impact you and those around you. Your mindset.

Yep. You can choose your mindset.

You might not be choosing it right this moment. You might not have chosen it yesterday. But you can choose it now. Intentionally.

When you get on your yoga mat you become aware of your body, how it feels and how it moves. You also become aware of your mind. You can use this skill that you have been building, being aware of your mind, right now, off your mat.

So why is it important to choose your mindset? Here are two contrasting mindsets about the exact same scenario:

Mindset 1

  • I’m trapped indoors all day

  • I wish my kids were in school

  • I can’t cope with this for much longer, I wish it was over

  • People are so selfish panic buying foods

Mindset 2

  • I’m staying home, that’s my contribution

  • I’ll probably look back and treasure this time with my family, even though they annoy me sometimes

  • I can take this one day at a time

  • I get that people are scared, there are moments when I feel a bit scared too

Remember this is exactly the same scenario. Just the mindset is different, but you can bet that one of them is going to have a better experience over the next couple of months.

Now, imagine your life with a mindset like number 1. How do you feel? Then move to mindset 2, try it on, how do you feel now?

The first mindset had me feeling tense and stressed, the second, calmer and more accepting.

If you want to become intentional about your mindset, now is the perfect time (hey it’s not

like you’re going out?!). Just grab and pen and paper or open your phone notes and write out a collection of thoughts and beliefs which together, could be called a mindset. Your mindset. Try thoughts and ideas that help you feel the way you want to feel, whether that’s calm, energised or however you want to feel.

When you have less choices remember, you can still choose your mindset. The scenario may be beyond your control, but choosing your mindset isn’t.

What will you choose?


Anna is a life coach living and working in London. If this resonates with you, and you want to find out more about working with her, please email and you can have a free chat about what’s happening for you right now.

visit for more details

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